Sports Performance

Viiiiva  Heart Rate.

More than just a heart rate monitor.

Viiiiva’s innovative design captures the most sensitive of heart rates! Its advances beat-to-beat measurement gives immediate heart rate representation allowing for quick performance adjustments. And, Viiiiva bridges ANT+ sensor data to both iOS and Android smartphones. Viiiiva is ten times more accurate than most other sport heart rate monitor options so it can capture the most sensitive of heart rates

Now you can save your data right on your Viiiiva and transfer it later for viewing and analysis. This ‘file save’ capability stores up to 65 hours of your ANT+ sensor data so you can transfer saved logs to the 4iiii app and onto your favourite software. Of course, you can also see your data in real-time if you have your Sportiiii, smartphone, smart watch, bike head unit or any other compatible display with you.


V100 – RRP £79.99

VSTRAP01 – RRP £19.99 spare Viiiiva strap


Keep your eyes on the prize.

Sportiiii is the industry’s first glass-mounted data feed, providing the performance feedback you need without distracting you from your activity.

Color LEDs and voice prompts guide you to personal targets preset with the 4iiii app for heart rate, speed, cadence and power (additional sensors required). Now you can focus on your goals; from a personal best to a podium position. Stay in the zone and stay safe with your eyes on the road ahead.



SP200 – RRP £149.99


The King of the Mountain system powered by Strava.

Cliiiimb Pro is here to fuel Strava fever! Now it’s easier and a lot more fun to catch your friends on the leaderboards and make your personal bests even better. Cliiiimb Pro gives you real-time audio and visual feedback while you’re out on the segment. You’ll know instantly if you need to push harder or if you’re cruising to conquer a King/Queen of the Mountain.

Simply download the Cliiiimb app for iPhone and go to the Strava leaderboard to choose a virtual training partner or a personal best to ride or run with.

Cliiiimb Pro is also ANT+ so that even when you’re not in a segment, Sportiiii will deliver heart rate, speed/cadence, power, and pace data.


CLP200 – RRP £199.99